Papaya mealybug distribution data

Global distribution points for Paracoccus marginatus were pooled from several publications (Miller et al. 1999; Meyerdirk et al. 2004; Muniappan et al. 2006, 2009; Heu et al. 2007; Germain et al. 2010, 2014; Mastoi et al. 2011; Galanihe et al. 2011), as well as a minority of unpublished sources.

For papers with location information but without coordinate data, points were geo-referenced based on the place names provided. This data has been used to model the potential global distribution of the papaya mealybug, P. marginatus and in the publication of:

Finch, E.A., Beale, T., Chellappan, M., Goergen, G., Gadratagi, B.G., Khan, M.A.M., Rehman, A., Rwomushana, I., Sarma, A.K., Wyckhuys, K.A. and Kriticos, D.J. (2020), The potential global distribution of the papaya mealybug, Paracoccus marginatus, a polyphagous pest. Pest Manag Sci.

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