Parthenium in Pakistan field survey data

As part of the Remote Sensing of Parthenium in Pakistan project, data was collected on the presence of the Parthenium weed across the country through a number of roadside field surveys from 2018 to 2020.

The data was used as ground truthing information to validate remote sensing methods in order to identify and map the distribution of Parthenium across different habitats. It was also used to calibrate and validate potential distribution models of Parthenium in Pakistan in relation to landscape and climate characteristics.

Data records contains information about the date and time of survey, location, classified road and habitat types, the presence, abundance and phonological stage of Parthenium, and the presence of the biocontrol agent Zygogramma.

The data from each field data collection campaign has been cleaned and merged into one file.

This data has been used in the following publications: -1 -2 -3

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Year 2020
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Crops Rice,Maize,Wheat,Sugarcane,Cotton
Organisms Zygogramma bicolorata,Parthenium hysterophorus
Creator Pablo Gonzales Moreno
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